Community Programs

Communities thrive when everyone has an equal opportunity to engage with the arts in all its varied forms. Our teaching artists work not just in schools, but in community centers, senior centers, libraries, and other contexts to ensure access to creative learning for the entire Colorado community.

The Denver Attorney’s Acquiring Restitution Through Talent program was created in 1994, in partnership with the Denver District Attorney’s office, as a way for juvenile offenders to create, market, and sell art in the community. This is an art based restitution program for first time offenders, where youth work with Think 360 Teaching Artists for an 8 – 10-week period, learn the value of hard work, and see the benefits of their creative labors. The art created during this residency is then sold by the youth and the profits are used to pay back the victims of their crimes. Clients create art from mediums including hand-dyed goods, stained glass, ceramics, jewelry, printmaking, and woodworking.

Think 360 Arts and the DA ARTT program participated in the holiday market at the Webb Municipal Building in December 2018. Teaching Artist Jo Fitsell worked with youth ages 10-17 to create their sellable artwork. They used various dying techniques to create beautiful hand dyed scarves and tote bags. Thank you to everyone for making the event a resounding success.

If you are interested in seeing a program in action, we would be happy to accompany you. Please contact us for more information.

Established in 2016 the Creative Aging program seeks to improve the lives of older adults through arts education. We do this by promoting the inclusion of quality arts programs in communities that serve older adults; preparing teaching artists to work with older adults; and fostering lifelong learning within our communities. The Creative Aging program uses arts as an effective vehicle to help improve the health and well-being of older adults throughout Colorado.

“I cannot tell you how rewarding it feels to bring some thought and purpose and hands on experience to our seniors. We as human beings never lose the desire to create, to have a voice in ways other than spoken conversation, and to be able to bring that element through art.” – Teaching Artist Marie Gibbons

“Marie not only demonstrated endless patience and compassion towards our residents, she also enabled each of them to find a personal and individual expression of themselves. Our residents have led fascinating and varied lives over many decades. They are a most cherished generation as they have experienced more in life than any of us can comprehend. Yet, in these ‘golden’ years that remain, they are still able to blossom further. Through the expression of hands on, artistically enhanced projects, these talents they hold within are being realized. ”– Lynn Marie, Certified Nursing Assistant / Brookdale Senior Living

Please fill out a Program Inquiry Form to bring an artist into your community. For more information, contact Think 360 Arts Education Director, Jason Diminich or 720-904-8890 x 101.

Library Programs

Public library programs engage local communities and families through performances, residencies, and workshops.

Please contact us for more information on programming and opportunities.