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Bob Hall of Kusogea Nobi Drum Ensemble

Teaching Artist Bob Hall of Kusogea Nobi Drum Ensemble and Chelle headshot

Bob Hall has been teaching African drumming and its’ evolution also performing with the Kusogea Nobi Drum Ensemble with Young Audiences/Think360Arts inc. for over 30 years. Bob began drumming over 45 years ago with Mr Adetunji Joda and the Irepo African Dance and Drum Troupe.

Bob Hall and Chelle of Kosogea Nobi Drum Ensemble drumming at Full Circle Celebration 2022

Along with their independent studies, Bob Hall and Chelle Gifford have studied and performed with the late great Mr. Babatunde Olalatunji from Nigeria, West Africa. They have also studied with former members of the world renown ensemble Les Ballets Africains from Guinea as well as Abdulaye Seidu and his Bamaya ensemble from Northern Ghana. Bob and Chelle bring their studies and creative works together and continue presenting their skills and knowledge!

Students drumming