Mural Residency: 3 days with performances

Mural Residency: 3 days with performances

Residency for grades K through 12th

Paul’s murals are inspired by Aboriginal rock art culture and teachings under the mentorship of Yidumduma Bill Harney. Paul acts as an artistic director, the mural is co-designed and painted by art teachers, students and community artists and participants, using local motifs, landscape, waterways, often school totems or emblems. They are designed so an entire class or all the participants if possible, can be painting at the same time, aiming to create community through the art process. Mostly painted on 18×5 foot sign cloth, the mural is often used as the theatrical backdrop‚Ä®for the final residency performance.

Paul attempts to reach as many students with performances then focusing on the mural with chosen classes, working in close collaboration with and an in-service for the art teacher/s.

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