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Cristina Michaels


Cristina Michaels began her dance training here in Colorado Springs, CO. After graduating high school Cristina departed the state to study classical ballet abroad. Spending time with the Pacific Northwest Ballet School, as well as the School of American Ballet at Juilliard for two summers. Socialized as a male dancer Cristina began her professional dance career with the Pacific Northwest Ballet after some time in Seattle she expanded her classical ballet perspective by joining the National Ballet of Canada. While there was given a number of soloist roles. After a few years she joined a small repertoire  and choreography company called Ballet Jorgen. There she honed her craft and love for choreography. Attending a number of choreographic workshops, Cristina relocated to Virginia to join the Richmond Ballet. Once there Cristina was able to use her vast experience to achieve such lead roles in Moor’s Pavane, Romeo and Juliet and perform to such great names as de Milles, Cunningham, Wainrot, and Butler. One joy she had was working with such amazing choreographers as Val Caniparoli and William Soleau. While in graduate school for acupuncture Cristina filled the role of Resident Choreographer and teaching faculty with Longmont Dance Theater and the Centennial State Ballet in Longmont, CO.

A few years back Cristina integrated her love of dance and movement with her love of healing. Presently she is the owner and operator of Healing Roots Acupuncture and Queer Dance Project which offer weekly adult ballet classes, and monthly workshops in ballet techniques as well as Qigong workshops and classes. By creating this dance studio and healing center she not only constructed a space offering dance to the LGBTQIA community, but also made a compassionate medical space all under one roof in her Lakewood Colorado studio.