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Cindy “Bgirl Emerge” Perrin

Teaching Artist Cindy Perrin Headshot

Cindy Perrin, also known as Bgirl Emerge, is a Denver native who loves to dance and draw, more so in the forms of breaking (breakdance) and graffiti (mainly known as writing). For about seven years, Cindy has taught breaking and some graffiti at recreation centers, schools and religious settings locally as well as internationally. She has had the opportunity to dance and travel with a couple of dance companies in previous years.

Cindy loves to find creative ways to teach breaking to people of all ages through individual and group exercises, rhythm games, props, and more. Breaking seems like a difficult dance but it is actually easy to learn. It is a great dance to boost self-esteem, discipline and creativity.

In middle school, Cindy discovered graffiti; it was so different and raw. Graffiti is a fun art form that breaks all the rules when it comes to hand lettering. Cindy enjoys teaching graffiti because it allows people to think outside the box as they create fun and crazy letters through individual art projects.

It is a joy to teach two art forms she is passionate about and continuously seeks to grow as a teacher, and student of these artistic elements. You can find Cindy on Facebook @QueenzOfHipHop.