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Lauri Lynnxe Murphy


Teaching artist Lauri Lynnxe Murphy believes everything is an art material, and those materials carry meaning with them. With a long background in teaching everyone from kindergartners to seniors, her approach encourages students to embrace failure so they can be free to experiment. A process-oriented and science-influenced approach to her own practice has given her an unusual repertoire of skills, and she sees herself as a sherpa for students, guiding them to a path as opposed to mapping it for them. Drawing from nature hikes and the recycling bin, both her artwork and teaching style center environmental concerns and touch often upon difficult topics, yet she seeks to bring hope and inspiration while drawing upon research and experiential learning.

As a neurodiverse first-generation college student, she is particularly attuned to variable learning styles and creating pathways to understanding within a community, particularly in regards to racial and gender equity and disability accessibility. As a young artist, she worked with Think 360 (even when it was Young Audiences!), but took a break to earn her MFA from The Ohio State University on University Fellowship. After several years teaching at the college level, she is excited to return once again to the unique model and warm community at Think 360. See Lauri’s resume for more details.