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Jamar Pierre


Jamar Duvol Pierre, has over 25 years of experience as a visual artist and arts educator. Pierre has participated in artist residencies in Costa Rica, Canada and Iceland, where he orchestrated community murals and exhibitions. Through arts-integrated residencies at schools and workshops at art centers across the world, Pierre has mentored and taught students to ignite their creative thinking and engage in artistic processes.

mural - Plume by Jamar Pierre

A painter, muralist, illustrator and designer, Pierre is inspired by the contrast between urban and rural environments. Starting as a graffiti artist in the ’80s, Pierre’s current style merges contemporary folk art, landscapes and street art.

collage of murals and people painting a mural

Pierre has implemented innovative art-based educational programs for students of all ages and socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. His programs provide a creative outlet for youth and serve as a fundamental tool to enhance learning while fusing academic standards and STEAM modalities. Pierre covers a range of topics such as the environment, community, self-excellence and history. He feels that providing a creative means for exploration and expression to youth helps them build self-confidence and discover their heritage and voice. Jamar Pierre is both an accomplished artist and an innovative educator. See Jamar’s resume for details.