Rex Halterman

Rex likes to explore the interplay of different methods and materials in his mixed-media pieces by incorporating digital design and computer technology into his work with ceramics, wood and metal.  He uses his experience as a craftsman, designer and artist to teach others how to achieve or improve the technical aspects of their creative expression.

Rex has a B.F.A. in Studio Arts, and has taught Ceramics, Shop and Technology classes in public schools, After School Art programs, and summer Art Camps. He is available for workshops and residencies that focus on computer-aided design, woodworking, ceramic hand-building,  tile-making, and mural making and installation.

“Sometimes, in order to think outside of the box, you need to know how the box was built.”

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Rex Halterman is available for full or part-time residencies.

Rex Halterman is available for professional development.

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Explore: Digital Arts, Professional Development, STEAM, Visual Arts, Abstract, Ceramics, Woodworking


Individual workshop and performance prices are determined by each artist. Please contact us for performance and workshop pricing for a particular artist. Visit our Pricing page for other pricing information.

  • Clay for Kids

    Workshop or Residency for grades K through 6th

    Ceramic hand-building basics for kids. Learn basic pinch-pot, tile-making and slab-building techniques, while just having fun with clay!

  • Abstraction

    Workshop or Residency for grades 5th through 12th

    This workshop focuses on abstract imagery in art. Participants will look at and discuss various forms of abstract art, and learn how to develop an abstract mosaic mural using planning and teamwork. We will learn about color, layering, outlining, painting, and assembly of a permanent or semi-permanent mural that can be installed at your school or workplace. This workshop can be done using connected plywood panels or hand-made ceramic tiles as time and facilities allow.

  • Art and Technology

    Workshop or Residency for grades 7th through Adult

    This workshop introduces participants to computer-aided drafting, design and modeling. Topics will include document set-up, basic drafting and modeling, importation of images for manipulation and editing, and output to 3d printers, laser-cutters and other computer-controlled machines. Learn how to incorporate technology into your artwork! Imported bitmap images can be traced, scaled and edited for use in painting, ceramics, 3d printing and other applications. Patterns can be made for tile work, stenciling, woodworking, and hundreds of other creative uses.
    This workshop requires the purchase and installation of low-cost educational software for drafting and 3d modeling that remains with the hosting school or institution.

  • The Psychology of Art

    Workshop for grades 10th through Adult

    This workshop will focus on the intersection of Art and Psychology. Participants will create their own version of a multi-colored Rorschach Test using drip-painting techniques, and highlight representational or evocative patterns that develop. We will discuss the connection between creativity and mental illness, the history and methods of expression through “Action” or drip-painting, and how these activities correlate to our own sense of creativity. This is an excellent team-building exercise that will encourage innovative thought patterns and problem-solving approaches.

  • Customized Programs

    Workshop or Residency or Creative Aging for grades K through Adult

    We can strategize to come up with a unique program for your school or organization that will enhance creativity, challenge conventional thinking and foster technical growth. Do you have an idea for a class or workshop that just needs some creative or technical support?