Peter Davison, Poet of Motion

Peter Davison is a mingler of movement arts, weaving influences from circus, dance, and physical theatre to create poetry of motion. In addition to a career of international touring and TV appearances, Peter has performed and taught in Colorado schools regularly since 1992. He has been a National Juggling Champion and a recipient of  the Performance Fellowship from the Colorado Arts Council (now CCI). Peter has been a guest instructor at national circus schools based in Canada and France, where he taught future artists of Cirque du Soleil.

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Peter Davison, Poet of Motion is available for full or part-time residencies.


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Explore: Dance, Performing Arts, STEAM, Theatre, Circus, Improvisation, Juggling, Mime, Science


Individual workshop and performance prices are determined by each artist. Please contact us for performance and workshop pricing for a particular artist. Visit our Pricing page for other pricing information.

  • Movement Workshops

    Workshop or Residency for grades Pre-K through 12th

    Peter provides workshops in physical theatre, circus arts, and vaudeville that are tailored to the needs of students and may include elements of science, history, performing arts, and physical education.

  • Fun Stuff

    Workshop or Residency for grades Pre-K through 12th

    From an aerial “ballet” with inflated garbage bags, to a precarious battle of balance with a table and chair, Peter captivates all ages while revealing how FUN ordinary STUFF can be. This low-tech but inspiring live performance of physical comedy, juggling, and dance is the perfect respite from electronic screens!

  • Loco-Motion The Science & Circus Arts Show!

    Performance for grades Pre-K through 12th

    Peter performs circus and physical theater pieces with juggling, unicycling, balancing, acrobatics and more, while teaching the science behind the artistry.
    Human and machine locomotion, Newton’s 3 laws of motion, gyroscopic action, centrifugal and centripetal forces, center of gravity, friction, and other physical phenomena are revealed.
    Worskhops and study guide options are available to keep the fun and learning going well after the show is over.

  • Juggling and Balancing Workshop

    Workshop or Residency for grades 3rd through 12th

    Peacock feather balancing, scarf and ball juggling develop eye-hand coordination, concentration, and step-by-step learning. Toss juggling increases the ability to visually track across the mid line, supporting all learning. Equipment provided for groups of up to 30.

  • Vaudeville Workshop

    Workshop or Residency for grades 2nd through 12th

    Physical education meets performing art with mime illusions and tricks with objects, all presented within scenarios or theatrical situations that allow for personal expression of each student. Vaudeville was popular entertainment in theaters throughout the United States and Europe, before the advent of TV. Many creative bits and skills were invented during this fertile period. Vaudeville activities are full of physical discovery, teamwork, observation, individuality and humor.

  • Movement Imagination

    Workshop for grades 1st through 12th

    Movement of people and objects can be used to explore other areas of study and reinforce learning through physical, visceral movement art. Mime, dance and physical theater form the medium, to which literary and visual art elements can be added. This workshop is a collaboration with teachers at the school, based on a chosen curriculum area.

  • Up in the Air

    Performance for grades Pre-K through 12th

    Peter Davison weaves virtuoso skills in juggling, dance and kinetic comedy to transform the stage into a magical world of motion! Using ordinary objects and a great deal of creativity, Peter brings us back to the days of vaudeville with a classic yet relevant style of performance.
    Includes audience participation and elements of history, science, and the performing arts.