Emily vonSwearingen

Emily vonSwearingen offers extensive experience in creating arts programs for students with all disabilities and ability levels, at-risk youth, and marginalized groups. She works with mixed and multi-media art; oftentimes incorporating tactile forms of storytelling into her therapeutic approaches to integrative art making. She focuses on sensory engagement and adapting tools and teaching methods to be fully inclusive for all students. She is currently learning American Sign Language while collaborating with students who are Deaf.

Emily works with a variety of art disciplines including 3-D, sculpture, fiber arts/weaving, printmaking, collage, nature art, installation art, painting, photography and video – usually combining more than one discipline into creating mixed and multi-media art.

Her diverse history includes founding the Artist in Residency program at the former Denver Children’s Hospital and collaborating with over 65 schools and numerous organizations such as VSA Colorado/Access Gallery, the Colorado Center for the Blind, Denver Public Library, Denver Housing Authority, Rocky Mountain Deaf School and Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association. She has been funded several times as an artist by Denver Arts and Venues and the Colorado Arts Partnership to create innovative arts projects and public art installations. Emily is in process of attaining her Certification in Forest Therapy (Shinrin-yoku).

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Emily vonSwearingen is available for full or part-time residencies.

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Explore: Media Arts, Photography, Professional Development, Visual Arts, Abstract, Collage, Fiber, History, Installations, Mental Health, Mixed Media, Nature, Painting, Printmaking, Public Art, Reading, Recycled, Sculpture, Social Emotional, Special Needs


Individual workshop and performance prices are determined by each artist. Please contact us for performance and workshop pricing for a particular artist. Visit our Pricing page for other pricing information.

  • Customized Workshop or Residency

    Workshop or Residency for grades K through Adult

    Emily will customize a program to compliment your curriculum. She can integrate arts-based projects with Reading, Writing, History, Science and Music. Examples of activities may include a variety of mixed and multi-media, visual storytelling, cultural arts, 3-D sculpture, fiber arts, collage, installation, printmaking, recycling/upcycling, photography and video.

  • Art History/Visual Arts

    Workshop or Residency for grades K through Adult

    Emily creates customized visual arts projects inspired by art movements and artists in history. Examples of art movements include Surrealism, Installation Art, Earth Art, Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, Performance Art and Contemporary Art. Examples of artists: Frida Kahlo, Joseph Cornell, Yayoi Kusama, Andy Goldsworthy, Ai Weiwei, Sarah Sze, Ann Hamilton, Keith Haring and others. Emily will research ideas and collaborate with you to create an eclectic and educational program.

  • Mindfulness/Sensory Engagement

    Workshop or Residency for grades Pre-K through Adult

    Emily will design an age and ability appropriate program focused on mindfulness techniques with sensory engagement through arts-based activities. The program can occur indoors/outdoors and involve direct experiences with nature. Students will learn how to express themselves through contemplative arts methods while cultivating relationships with each other and the earth.

  • De’VIA (Deaf View/Image Art) (for Hearing, HH and Deaf students)

    Workshop or Residency for grades 6th through 12th

    De’VIA is a contemporary art movement created for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing artists to explore the Deaf experience. De’VIA symbolism is divided into two categories: Resistance and Affirmation. Students will learn about Deaf culture and how to combine culturally relevant De’VIA symbols (such as hands, eyes, animals, objects) to create artwork that addresses “Resistance” issues of marginalization, oppression, Audism, discrimination and “Affirmation” issues of acceptance, empowerment, ASL language and community. These are issues that translate across all demographics.

  • Polymer Clay

    Workshop or Residency for grades 9th through Adult

    An immersive program working with polymer clay to create small-scale, 3-D artworks that represent significant events, personal symbolism and individual goals. Emily teaches 24+ techniques for creating intriguing, simple and complex patterns and textures. Students work with a variety of tools, processes and custom mixed colors. Polymer clay is a very “forgiving” material to work with and ideal for students who are struggling to identify their feelings and emotions and/or process trauma and grief.