Elizabeth Stanbro

I am focused and passionate about teaching in the Creative Aging Field and Workplace Transformation (Team Building, Personal Care, Enhanced Creativity). I have taught in diverse environments including an art museum, care homes, a university, a hospital, libraries and schools. I trained at the Creative Center in NYC for Creative Aging applications. From there I was inspired to take the certification courses for OMA (Opening Minds Through Art (Scripps Gerontology Center, Miami University, Oxford Ohio) and TimeSlips Storytelling. Both are designed for people with dementia and older adults. After training to become a Mindfulness instructor 7 years ago, I wanted to blend those teachings with art-making processes. I’ve presented this program at educator’s conferences and for individuals with PTSD and cancer survivors. I see this approach being applied within workplaces to enhance employee interaction, provide self-care tools and enhance creativity. *BFA and MFA in Studio Art *Certified Art Teacher in Colorado

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Elizabeth Stanbro is available for full or part-time residencies.

Elizabeth Stanbro is available for professional development.

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Explore: STEAM, Visual Arts, Bookmaking, Fiber, Installations, Mixed Media, Nature, Painting, Science


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  • Crocheted Coral Reef

    Workshop or Residency for grades K through 12th

    This project combines Visual Art, Math (Hyperbolic Geometry), and Science. Participants learn to crochet coral forms in both color and using neutral colored yarn to represent the bleached reef. This project is particularly effective when displayed as a group project.

  • Unfolding Complexity Books

    Workshop or Residency for grades K through 12th

    Students learn to layer image and text in Photoshop to create an accordion style book depicting four significant events in their lives.

  • Rites of Passage Masks

    Workshop or Residency for grades K through 12th

    Students investigate other culture’s rites of passage into adulthood and design their own rite of passage reflected in mask form.

  • Mindfulness and Art

    Workshop or Residency for grades K through 12th

    Students learn Mindfulness techniques through the drawing process. Mindfulness is widely recognized as a means to calm the mind and focus in the present moment.