Andrea Moore

Andrea is a social artist, and she uses writing, performing, and photography to foster connection and dialogue across social and cultural lines. In the classroom, Andrea employs poetry, performance, public speaking, subversive art, collaboration, and theatre to help empower students to creatively express their authentic point of view.

Andrea is passionate about working with children and young adults from a variety of backgrounds, and she brings this experience to bear in her teaching and professional development sessions. She is proud to be a co-founder of The Wayfaring Band, an organization that provides road trips and other social and recreational opportunities for people experiencing special needs. She has also worked with high school students in South Central Los Angeles, taught slam poetry to teenagers living in group foster care in Denver, and mentored students orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Uganda. Andrea seeks out opportunities to visit remote locations in developing countries, and she deeply appreciates communicating and connecting with people across cultural lines. As an artist and as a member of a global community, Andrea’s work focuses on the importance of flexibility, compassion, and curiosity, all while maintaining an authentic personal point of view.

Professional Development

Andrea offers professional development for educators in the areas of arts and cultural integration, with an emphasis on collaboration and cross-cultural communication skills. Because of her experience working with people from various marginalized and disenfranchised communities, she is able to offer some strategies to help teachers connect with students who might not come from the same background as they do. She can also provide curriculum ideas, team-building activities, and creative strategies to help reinvigorate the classroom, infusing environments with discovery, curiosity, and creativity.


Andrea Moore is available for full or part-time residencies.

Andrea Moore is available for professional development.


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Explore: Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Professional Development, Storytelling, Theatre, Improvisation, Mixed Media, Poetry, Special Needs, Writing


Individual workshop and performance prices are determined by each artist. Please contact us for performance and workshop pricing for a particular artist. Visit our Pricing page for other pricing information.

  • Multimedia Cultural Presentation – East and West Africa

    Performance for grades K through 12th

    Andrea uses projected photographs, video and audio clips, foreign language introduction, artifacts, personal anecdote, and dance to introduce students to another culture. Students make connections, assess cultural similarities and differences, and expand their capacity for cultural sensitivity and awareness of difference. This presentation is available on either Uganda in East Africa or The Islamic Republic of Mauritania in West Africa.

  • Slam Poetry

    Performance for grades 9th through 12th

    Andrea performs a selection of original poems, catering the content to best fit the needs and interests of each group. Topics include the ethics of aid work in a slum in Uganda, personal and cultural perceptions of body image and sexuality, thoughts on how feminism and femininity are expressed in Islamic culture in North Africa, personal responses to grief and tragedy, and more. This performance can be shaped to be entertaining or educational, depending on the needs of the audience.

  • Critical Action – Staying Fluid in the Face of Uncertainty

    Performance for grades 9th through 12th

    Andrea performs “Slum Story,” a performance poem and photo essay that examines the ethics of aid work in a slum in Kampala, Uganda. The poem and accompanying presentation address the need to move forward in the face of uncertainty, rebounding quickly from perceived failures. As a creative activist working along the margins of communities, it’s appropriate to feel uncertain, uncomfortable, and even unwelcome at times. Critical action describes the leap of faith that follows effective critical thinking, where we learn to keep moving despite discomfort, redefining success so there is room to get it wrong.

  • Embodied Refrigerator Magnet Poetry

    Workshop for grades 4th through 8th

    This workshop is designed for large groups – whole grades of students can participate at once. Using crowd-pleasing activities like Mad Libs and other story creation tools as a warm-up, students get a silly but solid introduction to poetic devices and parts of speech. Students then generate powerful poetic language in the form of adjectives, adverbs, nouns, verbs, and exclamations. With the addition of some pronouns and prepositions, we have all the pieces required to play a big game of refrigerator magnet poetry. Student poets build sentences using their peers as placeholders for the words. This workshop is creative, collaborative, and the perfect blend of academic and recreational.

  • The Wellness Workshop

    Workshop for grades 9th through 12th

    The Wellness Workshop asks participants to examine how they’re doing… how they’re really doing. After a short, guided process to help participants assess their wellness according to five main areas, participants will be asked to create a “self portrait of wellness.” Self-portraits may take any creative form, including text, image, video, sculpture, or multimedia. This workshop promotes self-awareness and acceptance while enhancing creativity.

  • The Big Dig – Character and Memento Creation

    Workshop for grades 4th through 12th

    Working in pairs, students invent a fictional character and then create a memento that answers a question about that character’s life. The Big Dig explores those biographical details that allow us to identify and emotionally connect with a person. The project also investigates the objects that people collect and keep throughout their lives. What inspires us to hold onto tangible reminders of our experiences? What meaning can we find in other people’s keepsakes? The Big Dig builds teamwork and collaboration skills and enhances creativity, compassion, and empathy. This workshop is a great option for kinesthetic learners.

  • The Energy Ball – Using Theatre and Physicality to Focus Energy

    Workshop for grades K through 5th

    Using the principles of theatre and movement training, students get up on their feet and burn excess energy while stoking their creative fire. A collection of warm-up exercises, storytelling activities, physical challenges, and group games leaves the whole class feeling energized but focused. Combining creativity with physical activity helps maximize student interest and involvement. This workshop also gives teachers some simple strategies that are easy to repeat when the classroom chaos level gets too high!

  • Creative Activism – Using Art to Champion Social Justice

    Workshop for grades 9th through 12th

    This workshop guides students through the process of artfully expressing their social or cultural point of view. Instead of chasing down our audience using information and data to garner interest, a creative approach to activism builds a fire of interest and intrigue, drawing people to our cause in an organic and original way. Borrowing subversive art techniques like sticker bombing, graffiti, improvisation, and the creative use of social media, participants learn antiestablishment but pro-social methods for communicating their point of view.

  • Poetic License – Asserting Identity through Poetry

    Workshop for grades 6th through 12th

    This workshop targets students who wouldn’t typically identify as writers and guides them through the experience of transforming their personal narrative into poetry. It challenges students to use figurative language and poetic devices in an organic and authentic way, while encouraging connection and building empathy among fellow students. Poem-starter activities might include mining memories of our childhood home, personifying powerful abstract concepts, and imagining the pros and cons of being endowed with superpowers.