Andrea Asali

As a writer and a translator, I work in five different languages every day. An incredible diversity of human wisdom is available through the written word, and as no two languages present the same ideas in the same way, I continually find inspiration for my creative work as I bring thoughts from one language system into another.

As a teaching artist, I use multilingualism to spark discussion and reflection on how we communicate. The ways in which we connect sounds and symbols to meanings, organize words to express concepts, use nuances and poetry to affect emotion: these are our tools for connecting and sharing our experiences and knowledge with one another. By becoming more aware of these tools and discovering new ways to use them through creative exercises, we can hone our skills to become more effective communicators.

Andrea Asali is available for full or part-time residencies.

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Explore: Literary Arts, Storytelling, Creative Writing, French, Playwriting, Poetry, Spanish, Writing


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  • World Languages Poetry Residency

    Residency for grades 3rd through 12th

    A one-week world languages poetry residency is available. Residency activities would include:
    – the creation of a World Languages Poetry Corner featuring profiles of different poets from around the world alongside translations of their work.
    – a Community Poetry Wall, where participants are encouraged to “fill in the blanks” of missing lines from translations of famous poems from around the world.
    – Daily Interactive Readings, during which participants are asked to create color sketches of what they think a poem is about as they hear it read aloud in the original language. The translation is subsequently presented and compared to our color impressions.
    Residency-related workshops would present specific themes and types of poetry from around the world, and engage participants to create their own poetry inspired by the translations presented.

  • Develop creative writing skills through poetry in world languages

    Workshop for grades 5th through 8th

    Students listen to a poem read in a world language; the poem selected will feature rhyme, strong meter, and alliteration. Students guess the poem’s meaning from how it sounds, discuss the poetic devices used, and then hear a bland English language translation. After identifying what was missing in the translation, students write and read aloud their own poems in English incorporating the poetic devices discussed.

  • Use translation to enhance world language comprehension (for French and Spanish classes)

    Workshop for grades 5th through 12th

    Students watch a narrated animation of a fairytale in French/Spanish, and are then given a copy of the story in the original language. In groups, students translate small portions of the text and then edit the translation of another group. We discuss the challenges faced during translation and explore the differences in syntax and expression between English and French/Spanish. This workshop is designed to support current French or Spanish language curriculum at the middle and high school levels.

  • Consolidate math/science concepts using world language vocabulary

    Workshop for grades 3rd through 6th

    This workshop is customized to support themes taught in math and science classes, such as basic fractions, the solar system, negative integers, photosynthesis, etc.. Students learn words in a world language for terminology specific to the selected theme. Using these world language terms in individual and group exercises, students consolidate their comprehension of math/science concepts by explaining them using two different languages.