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Randi Reinhold

Job Title
Temporary Administrative Assistant
Randi Reinhold Headshot

Randi Reinhold is a progressive educator and administrator who centers equity, inclusion, social and emotional well-being, and mindfulness in his daily practices. Hailing from New York City, Randi developed his social justice centered educational philosophy as a classroom teacher and administrator in independent school settings where social justice work was foundational to both the missions and the daily operations of those communities. Since 2018 shortly after moving to Colorado, he has been actively engaged as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practitioner through the Association of Colorado Independent Schools, as well as an independent contractor offering workshops and talks for schools and organizations. Randi currently serves on the Executive Leadership Team of the Colorado Diversity Network.

Randi holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus on Creative Writing, and pursued a Master of Science in Childhood Education at Hunter College in NYC. He engages in a variety of pastimes that bring him joy, including meditation, hiking, gardening, playing volleyball, tinkering and creating across all forms of art, and occasionally performing at local open-mic events around Denver.