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Pam Faro

teaching artist pam faro headshot

Pam Faro knows that stories are how we make meaning, that everyone really is a storyteller, and that everyone can grow in their storytelling. When she teaches storytelling, she offers a mix and balance of modeling, inviting, equipping, supporting and affirming all participants/students. The storytelling learning experience, whether with children, youth or adults, builds critical thinking, social-emotional learning, personal development, and community.

She has been a professional performance storyteller since 1988, performing and teaching throughout Colorado, across the US, and overseas. In such diverse places as Denver, New Orleans, rural Kansas and San Francisco; and Rome (Italy), Cardiff (Wales), Yorkshire (UK) and Brisbane (Australia); whether on theater stages, in classrooms, lecture halls, or backyards, she has experienced the profound joy and deepened understanding that learning and sharing stories of all kinds can give – and brings that to her performances and workshops. Pam teaches because when people tell stories – whether traditional, personal, sacred, or historical – they are engaged, delighted, and empowered.