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Gregory “SETH” Harris


Performance poet, fiction writer and actor SETH claims to have a sordid love affair with language. His teaching method aims to infest students with the same joy of playing with words he demonstrates in his own writing. SETH has worked with youth for more than 30 years. As a member of the dynamic trio Jafrika, he has toured the state extensively, performing school assemblies and conducting workshops in acting, storytelling and performance poetry.

SETH has served as writer-in-residence for such organizations as DPS, Colorado Humanities and Summer Scholars. His background includes coordinating student talent shows, multi-generational productions and student-performed school assemblies in addition to performing, conducting workshops and organizing poetry festivals. SETH has a B.A. in English, Liberal Arts. His poetry collection, A Black Odyssey, is a poetic memoir modeled on Homer’s ancient epic. His novel, The Perfect Stranger, was awarded first place by both the Colorado Authors League and the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. One of Colorado’s best known performance poets, his poetry can be experienced live, on CD and cassette or by visiting his website above.

kids playing with instruments

SETH performs weekly with his musical-poetic ensemble, Art Compost & the Word Mechanic at the Mercury Café in Denver.