Top 5 Ways The Arts Can Boost Self-Esteem

art-self-esteem-fBy Sabrina Skiles

It’s always a good time to find new ways to boost your self-esteem. Whether it’s for you, your significant other, children, family, friends or your furry ones, we all need a little self-esteem love this time of year. Because like the old adage says “you can’t love someone else until you love and accept yourself.”

It has also been proven that art-related activities boost self-esteem. Who can say no to that? So here are a few art activities to give you that extra pep in your step this month.

  1. Take an art class. Whether you’ve never picked up a paintbrush or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s always something to learn at an art class. And you get to take home your work of art! Bonus: go for the ones you can drink at and you’ll love painting even more! Try Pinots and Palettes.
  2. Vision board. If you haven’t already gotten behind this trend, now is a great time. Vision boards help you visualize your wants, needs and goals in life. Grab those old magazines and cut out photos of your future. It can be a photo of a beach for that vacation you and your family have been wanting to take. Or a photo of a dog your child has been wanting. Have your eye on that new season Prada bag? Cut that beauty out. Just want to increase your savings? Draw a photo of money and you’ll be well on your way. Now place it somewhere you look at every day to remind you of your goals in life. Here are some additional tips to help get you started.
  3. Write a letter to your 18-year-old self. And get crafty. There’s always something you wanted to tell your 18-year-old self. Now’s the time to put it into writing. Grab a pen and paper and let the juices flow. Then decorate it with markers, paint and stickers. Your inner kindergarten will thank you. This will give you a chance to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned and what you’ve accomplished in your personal and professional life. Time for a humble brag here.
  4. Affirmation cards. Grab some index cards and markers and write down positive things about you, your life, family and job. Think “I always do my best at work”, “I provide for my family by fixing dinner/doing laundry/helping with homework”, “I am strong and confident”, “I will get that raise next year.” Cue the pool of positivity!
  5. Use fresh flowers as an art piece. Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up flowers in the same color scheme. Bunch together red hydrangeas, roses and tulips or white lilies, daisies and roses. Place in your entryway or on the dining table and voila, you’ve got a fun, fresh take on the same flower display. Plus, it gets your juices flowing and you’ll take pride in this beauty that you just created.

How will you show yourself some extra love this month? Let us know below!

Sabrina Skiles is a fashion, lifestyle blogger and creator of Homegrown Houston where she offers fashion tips, pregnancy advice, psoriasis tips and so much more. She has had psoriasis for 15+ years and is a volunteer mentor, coach and online influencer for the National Psoriasis Foundation. She currently works as the Business Relations and Marketing Specialist for Camden Post Oak.