Peer Exchange

The Peer Exchange is a service to arts educators as a “one stop” site that captures (in retrospect as well as in real-time) those professional development moments of “Ah Ha”, Collaboration, Networking and other experiences that often occur but are not captured or documented formally. This tool can be used as a resource center, a place to capture reflections and discussions in meetings, workshops, and trainings, or can simply be a place for an arts professional to share a great idea!

Colorado is home to some amazing organizations and hosted events every year for all of the arts areas (Dance, Drama and Theatre Arts, Music, Visual Arts, Literary Arts, and Media Arts). It is important to stay connected across arts areas to share a collective arts education voice for Colorado. Think 360 Arts for Learning is committed to the full 360 degree circle of arts education.

The Peer Exchange is a great way to connect all the arts areas with the talented educators and arts specialists throughout Colorado and provides a place for them to become a strong state-wide network! Please note that all users must be logged in as an Educator in order to access this portal.

What do you want to capture?