Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy school mural

Art Discipline: Visual Arts

I began this lesson by showing my students some timelapse videos, including one of my own, of mural paintings. We talked about subject matter, how the murals were produced. We then used the viewings as a springboard into what they thought the purpose of murals were. I then led a discussion about the history of murals. Next, the students were assigned to research murals, either in our city or on the internet. They were to choose five murals and to critique them. I asked the students to describe the mural, explain how they thought the mural was produced and whether or not they thought the mural was successful and why (or why not). Students met with the Teaching Artist (TA) Noah Baker. TA introduced himself by giving a discussion and presenting a slide show of his work. TA explained his process of mural making. He discussed finding work, meeting with clients, sketching/presenting ideas, financial quotes, contracts and actually creating murals. Class then talked about what they wanted to include in their mural. Students sketched ideas and these were then given to Noah. Noah finalized a sketch, we then helped prime the wall and help paint the mural.

Project Images