Finding Ohana through Puppetry and Pop-Up Books

Art Discipline: Multi-Disciplinary

We explored the subject of Ohana through the use of puppets and pop up books with 360 artist Patti Smithsonian serving as an artist in residence. Patti ran 3 workshops with grades four and five, making pop up books and creating stories that were based on our Ohana theme and what that looks like in various cultural settings. The shows were recorded so they could be shared school wide as well as saved digitally. Grades K-3 got to take part by getting to experience a puppet show focused not he constellations. This show included information on how to make shadow puppets, practicing creative dramatics with the puppets, focusing on voice, and puppet movement. Lastly, she did an hour long workshop with the teachers to share puppetry ideas and how to implement it into the curriculum. Teachers and parent volunteers stayed with the students throughout the process to help with hot glueing and cutting with exacto knives. . Completed puppet videos were edited and saved with the help of the school’s Digital Learning team, and were celebrated in watch parties int he classrooms . They were also shown on a television as you enter the school.

Project Images