Experiential Learning: Expanding Students' Musical Horizons

Art Discipline: Music

For younger grade levels, HNM reinforced the concept of steady beat and tempo. Students became part of the music performance when they were able to set the tempo of the piece for the group. Students enjoyed this unique experience that is only possible because live musicians were present. Older students experienced a similar lesson to the younger grade levels—tempo setting, and engaging with music—with the addition of error detection for third grade and up and an introduction to time signatures for fifth grade. Similar to the tempo setting activity, the unique experience of error detection is not easily taught, explained or developed in a music class without live musicians present. HNM musicians taught and demonstrated this concept beautifully, challenging my student’s musical memory and critical thinking skills within the music discipline. Additionally, the musicians explained time signature in a way that most students were able to understand/grasp. HNM did a wonderful job bringing new musical experiences to students in a classroom setting that would not have been possible without their presence and expertise.

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