Colorado Arts Residency @ McMeen

Art Discipline: Interdisciplinary

Colorado Arts Residency @ McMeen integrated two Colorado artists’ organizations with their curriculum to provide students and teachers with a rich experience into two arts disciplines that are not usually seen during the regular school day. This new experience provided McMeen students with performances and artist-in-residencies with theatre group Real Live Theatre and dance company  Moraporvida Contemporary Dance. Both performances were a booming success seen through the faces and conversation buzz from the students. For many of the McMeen students, this was the first time they had seen a theatrical or dance performance! The artist-in-residencies were a positive and educationally challenging experience, seen through the writing and focus of the students’ hard work. Both Colorado arts organizations Real Live Theatre and Moraporvida Contemporary Dance pulled McMeen students into the arts through participation, entertainment, and educational connections. 

Real Live Theatre performed Yesterado: Stories of Colorado When it was Young for the entire school. This performance used 19th century Colorado newspaper articles to create it’s content and stories. “Meet Jack Langrishe and MariettaRavel - late 19th century performers eager to usher you back in time to see Colorado history as you never have before!  Pulled from the pulp of the newspapers of the time, this sharp, fun slice of showmanship uses stories of con man Soapy Smith, socialite Molly Brown, and cyclist Dora Rinehart to create a living, breathing portrait of our state when it was still cutting its teeth.”  

Real Live Theatre worked with 4th grade for their recidency, since Colorado History is part of their Social Studies Curriclum. Students worked with two artists from Real Live Theatre to bring to life 19th century newspaper articles from Colorado history. Students read these newspaper articles and made inferences and predictions on what really happened in the 19th Century. Then students create a play based on the newspaper article, and then acted it out in front of their classmates.  

Moraporvida Contemporary Dance performed A History of Dance for the entire school. Students participated in the performance through repsonding to questions from Jacob Mora, and by helping choreograph the dances on stage.  

For the week long artist-in-residency with Moraporvida Contemporary Dance, Jacob Mora and another artist from the dance company worked with the 2nd grade classes to choreograph a dance based on their favorite super hero using modern and hip-hop dance techniques. 

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