Integration of Classic & Cultural Dance Movement

Art Discipline: Dance

This project was an Artist Residency that ended with a performance presented on our Latin Dance Festival evening. The experience was a rich exploration of different Latin cultures through the medium of each cultures dances. There were two highlights. The students' experience of learning how the dances fit into each culture and the experience of performing them at the end of the residency. The challenge was organizing costumes and getting 200 students on and off stage to perform. The unique experience was the excitement of the students and nervousness they were experiencing before the show, and then the beaming faces and positive experience each student showed when leaving the stage. I feel other schools could replicate what we did. It just takes dedication and the proper amount of support from administration and the community. The standards we hit were standard one: Understand and demonstrate dance skills, Standard 2: Understand and apply the principles of choreography, Standard 3: create, communicate, and problem-solve through dance, Standard 4 understand and relate the role of dance in culture and history. Our goals were to give the students and community a rich understanding and positive experience of the Latin Culture through the medium of dance. Within the classes and the Festival, we succeeded in our goals.

Project Images