2013-2014 Final Reports Archive



School, District, CountyProject TitleProject Description
Beulah School of Natural Sciences, Pueblo County School District 70, PuebloOrmao Residency II--Eco FairMulti-grade groupings will take thematic material that is being explored through reading, writing, science, visual arts, and theater and create unique dances that integrate and expand that knowledge base for the students with the desired end of bringing a new sense of the subject for dance viewers. Dancers from Ormao Dance Company will work with students every other day for two weeks, creating, crafting and refining a short work for performance, which will occur during the week-long Eco Fair. Community Partner: Ormao Dancy Company.
Colorado High School Charter, Denver Public Schools, Denver
Place Invaders II! Interior CHSC Hallways RedesignPlace Invaders II! will use a project-based learning methodology to engage students in hands-on problem solving. The project is reality-based and mirrors business situations to challenge students to participate and learn, on-time and within budget. The space is crying out for a facility makeover to match the new school logo and lobby redesign contributed by the student body last school year. Project components will include clients, mentors, problems, research, proposals, planning, deadlines, reviews, approvals, budget, construction and delivery. Focusing on the principles and practice of architecture and interior design, students will work in a team environment and support each other with academic, cognitive, digital, photographic, exhibit and construction skills. They will design artistic and functional improvements to the school hallways and install them. The space will improve communication between students and staff, showcase everyday achievement, and honor the diversity in our community. Community Partner: ArtStreet.
Garfield Elementary School, Thompson School District R-2J, Larimer
Environmental Time MachineStudents will attend a variety of workshops at The Heart J Ranch, These stations will include Geology, Flood Ecology and Restoration, Watercolor, Nature Journaling, and Mandala Art.
Students will be combining the art of written language and visual art to express what they have learned at the ranch, and they will create The Environmental Time Machine for the showcase.
Students will use creative dramatics, music, movement and visual art to convey the history of the Big Thompson River. Teachers will be weaving the arts throughout their science and social studies units in order for students to demonstrate their understanding of the curricular content. Community Partner: Heart J Ranch and other local artists.
Gateway Elementary School, Woodland Park School District No. Re-2, Teller
Bringing Life to The Lion King Experience"The Lion King Experience" ShowKit provides an 11-session curriculum on the aspects of theater arts. These lessons have multiple components for students to practice singing, dancing, playing instruments, making costumes and scenery, and writing reflections in their "Pride Journals." The sessions will be taught during art, music, and physical education time slots on a 3-day cycle.
During planned teaching artist residencies, which will be placed at intervals during the year, artists will work with identified student groups to generate a live, authentic experience that applies the skills learned about in the online videos.
Three teaching artists will be invited to teach workshops that culminate with a final show in May. Community Partner: Think 360 Arts.
Girls Athletic Leadership School, Denver Public Schools, DenverGALS Graphic Novel ProjectIn Semester 1, students will be introduced to basic pen-and-ink illustration technique, including a 5 week workshop in the CVA studio emphasizing Chinese brush technique (an extension of the New Fine Line show currently on exhibit there).
Semester 2 will similarly align with an up-coming CVA show, featuring turn-of-the-century French illustration ("Under the Guillotine: James Gillray and Contemporary Counterparts"). GALS girls will experience the installation as a basis for developing their own graphic, sequential art. The workshop will follow a "design-thinking" model from start to finish (ideation, research, invention, observation, feedback, connection, transfer). Community Partner: CVA Gallery and Metro State University.
Idalia School RJ-3, Idalia Rj-3 School District, YumaCelebra Alebrijes - A Celebration of Folkart & PoetryIn a K-5 assembly, visual artist Tony Ortega, will introduce the history of the Alebrijes, then describe the organization for each step in the creation of the imaginative animals. With the assistance of teachers, high school students, and parent volunteers as needed, Tony will work with each group of students to create Alebrijes. Lisa Zimmerman, our poet, will work with each group to help students select a piece of writing each day, and to compile their writings for display alongside their finished Alebrijes. Lisa and Tony will host an inservice for the elementary teachers with the project goals in mind and to generate ideas for future projects the teachers can do using the lessons and skills learned from this residency. We will share the Alebrijes and student selected poems with the other students by inviting groups to the elementary wing to see the displays and listen to the poems read by their authors. Community Partner: Think 360 Arts.
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy, Denver Public Schools, DenverCommon Cultural Threads of Dance MovementThis dance program recognizes and integrates a classic dance curriculum with folk dance. This will be accomplished by teaching the basic skills and fundamentals of dance and relating them to many different styles of ethnic dance, sports coordination and social dance interaction. Students will research the history of dance, how the folk dance relates to other forms of dance and then see how they can apply what they have already learned. An entire dance will be learned, practiced, memorized and prepared for performance. The students will also learn about the costumes and props that will be used in their dance. This residency will include all dancers in the natural class atmosphere. This will give all students, both girls and boys, the opportunity to be to exposed to the dance arts and learn how to dance with others. This folk dance residency will culminate with the Spring Dance Concert in May. Community Partner: Fiesta Colorado.
Lucile Erwin Middle School, Thompson School District R-2J, LarimerHidden Treasures“Hidden Treasures” will provide opportunities for students who are interested in writing and/or visual arts to further develop their talents by giving them the opportunity to create and publish a book of original writing (informational, various genres of fiction, and poetry) and art (photography, drawing and painting). Through instruction and mentorship by the teacher and partnering guest artist, students will follow the design cycle to investigate, plan, design, create and evaluate their works. Once ready for publication, the design and layout of individual pages within the book will also be determined by the students with support by the partnering artist. Messages (ads) from local sponsors will be solicited by students and developed in collaboration with a third PRIDE class learning elements of graphic design. Once published, copies of the book will be given to each student contributor and sold to interested members of the community. Funds from the sale will provide the seed money for the next student-created publication. Community Partner: Think 360 Arts and other local artists.
McMeen Elementary, Denver Public Schools, DenverColorado Arts Residency @ McMeenColorado Arts Residency @ McMeen will integrate two Colorado artists or arts organizations, in dance and theatre, into McMeen’s educational program for a weeklong residency. Theaters artists in residency will team-teach and work with our music teacher Brian Jauw. Our arts enrichment instructor, Jennifer Crawford will team-teach and work with the dance instructor for their residency. Students will rotate through their specials classes for this instruction. At the end of the residency, both theater group and dance company will perform an all school performance on our stage, in which all students will attend. Community Partner: Think 360 Arts and Buntport Theater Company.
Noel Community Arts School, Denver Public Schools, DenverArtist ResidenciesFour artists-in-residence will complete an art project with non-arts classes that will be later displayed on the Montbello campus. The goal is to include academic rigor through the arts while allowing for individual and/or group creativity. The project vision will enhance the lives and educational goals of students to increase creativity, vision, expression and innovation through the arts in all the content areas. Community Partner: Think 360 Arts.
Polaris at Ebert Elementary, Denver Public Schools, DenverLearning to See Color at PolarisIn January, 2016, the exhibition Learning to See Color will open at Vicky Myhren Gallery of The University of Denver School of Art and Art History. This expansive and ambitious exhibition will showcase 90 works of art from regional museums, galleries, private collections and the artists themselves, including The Clyfford Still Museum, The Kirkland Museum, The Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, The Wyoming Art Museum, and DU's own University Art collections. The exhibition explores the ways in which artists use and think about color in a 300 year historical context.

Learning to See Color at Polaris, creates a traveling version of the DU exhibition, edited by the exhibition curators, photographed, mounted and installed in the entryway/atrium of the Polaris Program at Ebert K-5. The Polaris exhibition will run concurrently with the DU show, enabling teachers to organize field trips to the exhibition to see the artwork in person and meet the curators. Community Partner: University of Denver School of Art and Art History.
Ponderosa High School, Douglas County School District No. Re 1, DouglasIntroducing PHS Technical Theatre Students to Sewing Skills and Costume DesignA costume designer will work with the Technical Theatre class to introduce these students to the fundamentals of costuming. Students will learn basic skills and explore fashions and color throughout time. Students will work collaboratively as they explore the design process. At the completion of this project, group costume designs will be displayed for the school, temporarily in the display case outside the auditorium, and then at a craft fair sponsored by the school. Students will also work with the costume designer to research and create costumes for the school’s large-scale stage show. Community Partner: A local costume designer.
Ricardo Flores Magón Academy, Certified by the Colorado League of Charter Schools, AdamsFamily Pictures for Cinco de MayoIn late-April, Ricardo Flores Magón teachers will begin instruction on Señora Garza’s book “Family Pictures”. They will use it in conjunction with a unit addressing narrative storytelling. Educators from Museo de las Americas will join them in the classroom to facilitate at least one special lesson focused on Garza’s illustrations as a form of narration and supporting the Magóniastas in creating their own watercolors. At the conclusion of that lesson, Señora Garza will conduct a skype interview with both classes of Magónistas to share her process with them and view their own pieces. The pieces will be developed over the two weeks between the conclusion of the unit and the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Community Partner: Museo de las Americas.
The da Vinci Academy, Academy School District No. 20, El PasoExploring Stories from Cultures Near and FarOur Arts Integration Team, The Crash, will plan and organize this project with a storyteller who will perform and conduct workshops with students. The school theme is IDEA, Inquire, Discover, Explore, Accept. This program will expose students to songs and stories from different cultures, and work with fourth and fifth graders that use storytelling and writing to develop their oral presentation skills focused on culture. Community Partner: Think 360 Arts.
Thompson School District Gifted & Talented Department, Thompson School District R-2J, LarimerShadows in the ArtsThis program will impact Elementary, Middle, and High school students who have been identified by their arts teachers as having exceptional talent in the arts. Each group of students will work with a visiting artist to complete a project based on a theme that the students are learning and learn a new art technique. Community Partner: Think 360 Arts and local artists.
Woodmen Roberts Elementary School, Academy School District No. 20, El PasoShakespeare in the SchoolsShakespeare in the Schools is a targeted theatre program spearheaded by THEATREWORKS. This program will comprise several daylong workshops where two actors/teachers will engage students to bring Shakespeare to life in local classrooms. The teaching artist and professional actor will work closely with fifth grade teachers to implement the program before, during, and after classroom contact occurs. This will additionally provide our fifth grade teachers the opportunity to learn about teaching theatre and provide them support going forward. The curriculum will concentrate on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The focus will be on play themes and anti-bullying motifs. This will be the first intense drama program offered at Woodmen Roberts. Students will engage in theatre learning, and will be given the tools and opportunity to present their learned outcomes at an all-school assembly. Community Partner: THEATREWORKS.
Wyatt Academy, Denver Public Schools, DenverWyatt Academy's Musical Theater ExperienceThis project is described with three parts in mind: to bridge the gap between middle and high school, to create a more unified academy, and to promote cross-curricular learning. This will all be accomplished under the power of putting together a musical and will be worked on in-class from rehearsal to set-building and will impact Wyatt in a way it’s never seen before. The project will be will be taught in three different ways, a K-4th grade performing arts class (choreography, music rehearsal, and blocking) cross-curricular teachings in K-4th homeroom classes (African Units: terrain/geology, animals, and culture/storytelling), and in two middle-school enrichment classes (Puppet building and Theater Tech). Community Partner: Think 360 Arts.