Toni Yagami

Toni Yagami is available for full or part-time residencies.


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Explore: Cultural Arts, Music, Performing Arts, Drums, Folk, Japan, Jazz, Koto, Swing


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  • Taiko & Dance with Toni & Lance

    Performance for grades K through 12th

    Doesn’t the sound of taiko make you want to get up and dance? We think so, and this program will get your students on their feet to join us in some exciting drumming and dancing! Toni and Lance will perform traditional as well as contemporary pieces and share a traditional Japanese “Obon Festival” dance.

  • Jazzy Taiko

    Performance for grades 4th through 12th

    Lance Acker joins Toni in the presentation of thundering Japanese taiko drums, hand percussion, bamboo flutes, and a “swinging” clarinet, playing traditional and contemporary tunes. Students join in a discussion of Japanese culture and history, as well as the mixing of cultures through music. Students also get a chance to try the taiko!

  • Festival Fun with Taiko

    Performance for grades K through 6th

    Taiko with Toni offers an introduction to the Japanese culture through folktales and fun-filled Japanese festival or “matsuri.” With the taiko (Japanese drum) and other Japanese instruments, hands-on physical activity for students, and the use of the Japanese language, Toni Yagami hopes that students will learn to recognize the difference and similarities between their own culture and the Japanese culture.