Lainie Hodges

As a development specialist and teaching artist, Lainie uses play and performance to create environments for learning, growth, and development for all ages. Using the tool of improvisation, she facilitates workshops that create something new, using what we have available to us by listening, accepting offers, and then building with these offers. Human beings are natural improvisors and play is one of the most effective learning tools available to us, making improv an impactful developmental tool for people of all ages and backgrounds.

A Denver native and graduate of Manual High School, Lainie received her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and earned a master’s degree in World History and Culture from the University of Denver. With a high level of cultural competency, Lainie artfully facilitates workshops with diverse groups of people.

Lainie studied improvisation at the Magnet Theater (NYC), Chaos Bloom Theater, and Improv LEAP in Denver. Whether working in public education, professional athletics, private business, or non-profit sectors, she brings the transformative power of play and performance to facilitate personal growth and development.

Space Requirements for all Workshops & Residencies

Open Space large enough for participants to form a circle (gym, library, classroom, stage, etc.)

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Lainie Hodges is available for full or part-time residencies.

Lainie Hodges is available for professional development.

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Explore: Performing Arts, Professional Development, STEAM, Theatre, Improvisation, Math, Science, Social Emotional, Writing


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  • Developing Learners

    Workshop or Residency for grades Pre-K through 12th

    Children are natural improvisers, which is evident in the way they engage in free play with their peers and families. Play is also the most powerful way in which they learn. Using improvisation games and exercises, Developing Learners creates environments where children intentionally harness their powerful and playful imaginations to grow and develop into stronger learners. Workshops allow students of all levels to discover their power to co-create healthy and productive classroom cultures, leading to new discoveries and deeper learning. Workshops also help students communicate more effectively, build positive relationships, and develop their social-emotional toolbox. Experience the magic of learning and development that comes from play and performance.

  • Content to Life!

    Workshop or Residency for grades Pre-K through 12th

    Play and performance are powerful tools that bring academic lessons to life by allowing students to connect with content in new and creative ways. Using the tool of improvisation games and exercises, students connect with lessons cognitively, socially, emotionally, behaviorally, physically, and creatively. Through the co-creation of an equitable and fun learning environment, students will play, be challenged, and reflect in news ways. Workshops and residencies are tailored to specific subject matter and the goals of lesson plans, units, and curriculums. Workshops are perfect for any teacher looking to engage with content in new ways that strengthen classroom culture.

  • Creating the Ensemble

    Workshop or Residency for grades Pre-K through 12th

    One of the fastest ways to strengthen organizational culture, build personal relationships, and reinforce the mission and vision of your school is through play. With play and performance, faculty and staff work together to discover, celebrate, and leverage the talents and assets of each person so they can collectively perform at their best. Play creates a more productive culture that supports inquiry, creativity, and collaboration. Whether your school is working through a transition in leadership, programming, or seeking an opportunity to reset, these workshops will quickly and joyfully help you and your ensemble to reach your desired goals.

  • Improv to Improve

    Workshop or Residency for grades Pre-K through 12th

    Departments, groups, and teams perform at their best when they are given opportunities to engage with each other in ways that leverage their individual gifts, talents, and abilities. Using improvisation games and exercises, individuals will come together as a stronger group to carry out the goals and mission of your school, program, or initiative. Through play, we collectively create an environment for communication, enhanced listening, growth, fun, and positive change. Workshops empower everyone to step into their greatness and play with the possibilities, instead of thinking in limitations. Expected outcomes include strengthened relationships, improved communication, enhanced creativity, and new performances by your ensemble. Ideal for leadership teams, grade level teams, content area teams, disciplinary teams, etc. (workshop or residency, during or outside of school hours)