Kendra Fleischman

“I’ve always been fascinated with motion, both physical and time based. I have expanded my artistic toolbox over the past 10 years to include, film and digital animation which allows me to explore motion as it relates to time and space.”

Colorado native Kendra Fleischman began her art journey at Colorado State University where she earned a degree in sculpture and arts education in 1987. Over the past 33 years she has worked as a professional artist, developing a body of work that is expressive, moving, inspirational and innovative. Kendra is a diverse artist working in both new medias and traditional art forms; including stop motion animation, digital motion art, installation art, stone carving, ceramics and bronze sculpture.

Kendra holds a current master teacher license for the state of Colorado and received a National Board of Education Certificate in 2011.  She has experience with developing curriculum in 3D art and Digital Media and has taught courses in Stop Motion Animation, Photoshop, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Jewelry. She enjoys collaborating with students and teachers to create meaningful art experiences that encourage students to find their personal voice and provide curricular support aligned with Colorado art standards.


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Kendra Fleischman is available for full or part-time residencies.

Kendra Fleischman is available for professional development.

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  • Stop Motion Animation

    Workshop or Residency for grades 4th through 12th

    Stop motion animation is a fantastic way to introduce students to the artistic process of filmmaking and animation as well as puppet making and story telling. Students will work collaboratively to create an animated film starting with basic storyboarding of their ideas, creation of puppets, filming, editing and sharing their finished product. All materials for the puppets, backgrounds and sets will be provided as well as iPads for filming and editing. This course can be customized according to grade level and curriculum.