Dan Hiester

Dan, a proud Colorado native, has been consistently involved in theatre since the age of six. Dan received his BA in theatre and integrative studies through the University Without Walls at Loretto Heights College and his MA in theatre directing from the University of Denver. He has directed over 350 workshops throughout the state for all ages and populations.  In addition to many freelance projects, Dan has worked at the Denver Center Theatre Company, the Changing Scene, El Centro Su Teatro, The Vintage, Gates Planetarium,The Jones Theatre, Westcliffe, University of Denver and the University of Colorado Denver. He helped found and direct CityStage Ensemble, L’Alliance & Co, Theatre-in-the-Park, and Shakespeare-in-the-Sangres. He continually strives for new levels of accomplishment, growth, and relevancy as a professional theatre artist and educator.

Dan Hiester is available for full or part-time residencies.

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Explore: Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Storytelling, Theatre, French, Improvisation, Playwriting


Individual workshop and performance prices are determined by each artist. Please contact us for performance and workshop pricing for a particular artist. Visit our Pricing page for other pricing information.

  • A Play’s The Thing

    Performance for grades K through 12th

    This performance event “teaches” a play through reading with students. Lively scenes, a great historical story, highly educational character and plot study all enliven acting and storytelling skills which students come to realize they already have.

  • Mono-Flow Improv-Show

    Performance for grades K through 12th

    This improvisational performance features theatre selections, monologues, and plays from repertory material and favorite readings. This ‘performance-art’ event is based on suggestions (ideally in advance) and can be followed by a supplemental talk back workshops available.

  • On the Harmfulness of Tobacco

    Performance for grades K through 12th

    Written by the great Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, this 20-minute play was a landmark in the combination of comedic and dramatic elements. Ivan Nyutchkin delivers a public lecture on tobacco which digresses into a reflection on human life and experience. Supplemental talk back and elements of theatre workshops are available.

  • Slowly Aging, Forever Young

    Performance for grades K through 12th

    This original one-man show explores legacy creation and expression. The play incorporates a cappella songs and audience invitation. This theatrical story of a life in theatre was written as a full-length two-act play, but can be edited for length and specific themes. Supplemental talk back and story creation workshops are available.

  • Theater Enhanced Curriculum Workshop

    Workshop or Residency for grades K through 12th

    Theatrical techniques are used to support curricular content and create skits or living tableaux.

    –MATH AND ECONOMICS: We create together a microcosm economic system, modeling such things as retail sales, accounting, banking and investment, labor and services, etc. After learning the basics, we can act out a day or week ‘in the life of’ our created mini-society.

    –HISTORY: We can learn about history and social change covering discreet historical periods, events, and development. We work together to choose one or a combination of four avenues: 1)historical figure(s), 2) historical events, 3) Snapshots in time, and 4) Then and Now.

  • Group Performance Piece Workshop

    Residency for grades K through 12th

    From Shakespeare to Youth Theatre Plays and many in between, this residency facilitates the development of a production. Requires a residency minimum of five sessions.

  • Page to Stage Workshop

    Workshop or Residency for grades K through 12th

    Using preselected, spontaneously selected or student-generated material, we will develop writing for the stage.

  • The Theatrical Toolbox Workshop

    Workshop or Residency for grades K through 12th

    In this workshop, basic theatre skills and tools are explored through group story development and improv. Students will develop skills and sensibilities in creativity, collaboration, public speaking and deportment, movement, self-awareness, and self-discipline.