Adri Norris

Adri Norris is a Denver-based artist whose family hails from Barbados. With a less than typical background – immigrant, international boarding school student, military veteran, queer artist- Norris brings the entirety of her experience to her work.

Her paintings of women in history are an educational tool to get students, old and young, to think more deeply about the past and about the power of diversity. Norris has spoken at K-12 schools around Denver, including GALS and Swigert International School, at universities like UNC Greeley and Denver Metro University, as well as in community spaces, including the GLBT Center and the Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzalez Library. She has taught her series as a curriculum at Girls Inc of Denver, combining history, art and research to give her students a deeper understanding of women from the past.

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Explore: Digital Arts, Professional Development, Storytelling, Visual Arts, Acrylic, Drawing, Mixed Media, Murals, Painting, Reading, Recycled, Social Emotional, Water Color


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  • Use What You’ve Got

    Performance for grades K through 12th

    Adri Norris uses her art as a journey of self-discovery. In this talk, she encourages students to do the same by using examples from her own life, as well as the lives of women in history.

  • Who Am I, Who Do I See?

    Workshop or Performance for grades 4th through 12th

    Role models shape who we become. In this class, Adri Norris encourages students to compare their vision of themselves with the role models they see out in the world. Do they see themselves reflected back at them? If not, what message does this send? How can we changes those messages for the better?

  • The Women’s Movement in a Nutshell

    Performance for grades 6th through 12th

    For the youth in this country, the Women’s March is a pretty recent phenomenon. For those of us who have been around longer, it is the latest chapter in a much longer story. In this performance, Adri Norris explores the history of the Women’s Rights Movement from the Declaration of Independence to present day.

  • The Whole Story

    Residency for grades 9th through 12th

    History is not just a single person, event or movement. History is a story that combines societies, cultures, technologies, as well as the lives of individuals. Adri Norris will lead a series of classes in which students break off into groups to delve more deeply into all that makes up the stories from the past. The final project will be a creation of each group’s choosing.