2MX2 is a Latin Pop/Hip Hop group based in Colorado.  They are well known for their modern renditions of traditional Latin music as well as their focus on political topics such as immigration, health, education reform, and other important matters of our times.  The band consist of Owen Trujillo who was born in Zacatecas Mexico and Denver Natives – Juice ET Hugo, Lolita & DMD.  All four members are bilingual emcees, songwriters & composers.

2MX2 has a passion for creating music and video that transcends their ancestors into our generation.  2MX2 shares their own unique personal and social struggles through their live performances, music presentation and through their workshop engagements.  Garey Kennebrew collaboratively manages 2MX2 and the organization’s media creation organization ENLIGHTOFME

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2MX2 is available for full or part-time residencies.

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Explore: Cultural Arts, Music, Audio Production, Choir, Composition, Creative Writing, Hip-hop, Language, Latino, Mental Health, Spanish, Technology, Vocal, Writing


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  • 2MX2 Uniting Communities through Music / Uniendo Communidades por Musica

    Performance for grades K through 12th

    Live Concert + Q&A – Cultural Arts & Music
    2MX2 performs and shares their songs with their audiences in both English and Spanish, telling their story through and interactions with the audience. During their live performance, they tell their story of overcoming (cultural-psychological & physical) bullies, their journey to the US as Mexican immigrants, the impact of immigration laws on American born children’s families, and how important it was to retain their native language of Spanish, despite all the cultural shame each one of them experienced as children in the public school system. They will teach you how to what a few words mean in Spanish, some Cumbia steps and how to have fun. After their performance the students can ask the artist questions.

  • AutoTune Workshop

    Workshop or Residency for grades 3rd through 12th

    2MX2 use four dynamic microphones to record the students voices and process the students voice through a software known as AutoTune. Students will be able to hear the effect of the software on their voices and learn how this technology assist in the production of popular music. Students will also learn a little about music theory and the importance of knowing the “key” of a song.

  • 2MX2 & VocalCoalition Concert

    Performance for grades 3rd through 12th

    We work with students during their music class time in collaboration with a music organization Vocal Coalition (VOCO). VOCO empowers students to unite communities by amplifying the songs of local artists, affirming the inherent dignity of all cultures through musical expression.
    Over the course of a 2-3 weeks, we will be collaborating with your students and teaching them some of our songs in preparation for a live concert performance at your school. Our uplifting musical message is one of hope, promise and multicultural acceptance – all packaged in a fun educational & engaging experience. 2MX2 has over five years of experience working with VOCO Director Travis Branam in schools all over the Denver metro area, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity be at your school, in your community.

  • Make a Song with 2MX2

    Workshop or Residency for grades 9th through 12th

    Songwriting and Music Production
    2MX2 will take you through their process of how they create a song in the studio by making a song with the class. The band will bring along their mobile recording studio where they can create a track from scratch or pick from already produced Pop, Hip Hop, EDM or RnB music styles and create the lyrics with the class by using a series of techniques that they’ve learned in their experience of producing records.