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Kendra Fleischman

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“I’ve always been fascinated with motion, both physical and time based. I have expanded my artistic toolbox over the past 35 years to include, film and digital animation which allows me to explore motion as it relates to time and space.”

Self-expression and personal voice are central to my style of teaching. Art has the power to allow students to share their view of the world and I love the challenge of helping students express themselves while learning new skills and exploring different media. I aim for all students to have a positive learning experience through carefully designed and organized lessons that allow all ability levels to feel successful.

students creating digital motion art on computer and stop motion animation.

I am a professional artist and art educator with over 25 years of experience in art education. My journey as an artist began with traditional media such as sculpture, painting, and ceramics and now includes new artforms like digital motion art and animation. I have a particular fondness for stop motion animation, as it encompasses so many different art forms such as sculpture, puppetry, storytelling, film, and sound design. My sculpture and animated works can be found in public art collections across the United States including recent works in projection mapping displayed on the Denver Union Station, and the Daniels and Fisher Tower in Denver, CO. See Kendra’s resume for details.