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Eric Robert Dallimore

Eric Dallimore headshot

Since 2009, Eric Robert Dallimore has taught K-12 and Creative Aging with Think 360 Arts. Eric’s teaching philosophy stems from the concepts of Cindy Foley, Rita Pierson, and Sir Ken Robinson which focuses on developing learners who are trusting, creative, curious, seek questions, develop ideas, and play. Art has a home in every student’s heart and is vital for 21st century learning.

Creativity is important for personal growth, societal change, and is necessary in every business and industry. Eric aims to connect personally with each student to inspire them to become life-long creatives who keep imagination and joy central to their journey. Eric fosters community building by bringing together small and large groups to create sculpture and installation based works of art that address societal, environmental, and design issues. Across a wide variety of mediums, including paper, clay, string, wood, there is an emphasis placed on story-telling, mathematics, geometry, and engineering. As an artist who exhibits in both galleries and in large scale public artist spaces, Eric’s projects can be small, display sized works of art or can grow to take over an entire classroom or courtyard for a temporary or permanent installation.

See Eric’s CV and resume for details.