The Claptet Orchestral Ensemble

The Claptet Orchestral Ensemble

Performance for grades Pre-K through 12th

Mixing body percussion, drumming, other instruments and hip-hop, the Claptet Orchestral Ensemble is a percussion ensemble that abides by one simple rule: to spread the joy of rhythm to as many people as possible. Their performances engage children and parents alike in a global exploration of sound and music.

Their energetic performances are both entertaining and educational. Rhythm is a language, and the Claptet speaks by mixing rich cultural beats from around the globe.

NEW for the 2015/2016 school year: Travelling Through Time, The Claptet’s new show! It is the story of four cave-people who made a pact to never die so they can spread music around the world throughout time! It is a super fun, interactive show that is designed to make the students and teachers laugh a lot. The music is designed to spark funkiness and curiosity within the crowd. This performance features body percussion, singing, Hip-Hop, and Congolese Music. (In addition, this performance can be extra engaging if Jeff is able to come in before the performance to teach the students the crowd participation pieces. Please keep this in mind when booking this program.)

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