Residency for grades 6th through Adult

Semester – x12 sessions
Uncover form within rock by carving limestone with hand tools.

Introduction to the use of the different stone hand carving tools:

“The Point Chisel” which takes of most of the “fat” of a carving
“The Claw Chisel” which creates surface and volume
“The Flat Chisel” which smoothes down the surface and carves angles
“The Mallet” either round or square, supplies the force needed to remove stone

Simplifying and reduction is crucial to the carving process. Each piece of natural stone is unique and has a character of it’s own. Before we carve, we analyze the process of simplifying forms through the reduction process by carving soft clay blocks. Making drawings will help us to explore relationships between the features of the stone and the simplified clay forms. There will be step by step instruction on how to sculpt stone to reveal the form within. You will experience the exploratory process and satisfaction of carving an expressive stone sculpture.
Students must be ready to have fun building confidence, willing to get messy and open to exploring new ideas and materials. Reasonable strength and dexterity is needed, basic safety equipment will be provided. * age restrictions apply

Course Goals Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

• Goal 1 Simplify forms in clay using reductive techniques
• Goal 2 Understand how to use the point, claw and flat chisel with a stone mallet
• Goal 3 Learn how to remove stone to reveal a form
• Goal 4 Use abrasives and wax to finish the stone surface
• Goal 5 Translate imagination into sculpted form
• Goal 6 Take risks with confidence

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