Poetry of Word and Eye: Photography and Writing

Poetry of Word and Eye: Photography and Writing

Workshop or Residency for grades 6th through 12th

Students experience a combination of photography and writing, with potential for design and publishing.

Students will choose a location or series of locations in which to spend time to observe and write from three differing empathetic points of view. Students will also photograph the location in which they write. In the process students will have time to combine word and image to make a three page presentation. When added together, a book could be designed, published, and then exhibited.

In the process students learn visualization techniques, techniques of observation and empathy, “hot pencil writing,” how to connect word and image, and how to create a product worth exhibiting or publishing. Subject matter and location for photography are subject to negotiation to fit within school resources and student vision. Courses culminate in a publication, and could also result in an exhibit of student work.

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