Stencil Screenprint

Stencil Screenprint

Workshop or Residency for grades 3rd through 12th

In this fun-filled, hands-on crash course, students will learn and apply the basis of screenprinting with hand cut stencils, and be able to print a multi-colored artwork of their own design. Emphasis will be on the range of experimentation and creative expression possible with the media, and students will be encouraged to focus more on engaging with the technique and process, over the product (or end result).
Additionally, students 6th-12th grade would have the option to create fine art prints, posters, greetings cards, t-shirts, or tote bags for a fundraiser or other similar activity.
Imagery can integrate various subject matter, and range anywhere from nature, science, mathematics, health topics, technology, language, etc.
Content can be modified to work with curriculum and lesson plans.
Pairs well with Make-a-Recycled-Book workshop for a multi-day workshop or residency.

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