Residency for grades 6th through Adult

6 sessions
Create a life sized body map/ self portrait in multi – media materials.

Mapping – definition: a representation, usually on a flat surface, as of the features of the earth of heavens – or in this case the internal and external features of ourselves as represented through our body.
Body mapping is a form of art and narrative used to gain understanding of ourselves, our bodies, and the world we live in. These large scale drawings have surface texture and topography, describing landscape and the body.
Process: participants first outline their bodies and then create highly personal life size self-portraits. The body mapping process includes visualization, drawing, painting, group discussion and reflection. There will also be music, discussion and laughing! Body mapping is a celebration of relationship, courage and strength.
Students must be ready to have fun, willing to get messy, open to exploring new ideas and ways to use materials. No previous art experience necessary.

Course Goals Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

• Goal 1 Explore large scale line making
• Goal 2 Understand surface and layering processes
• Goal 3 Work into a multimedia surface using the elements of art
• Goal 4 Evaluate meaning embedded within process
• Goal 5 Experience relationship through image making
• Goal 6 Display art works by the end of the course

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