Residency for grades 6th through Adult

6 sessions
Clay building using simple stoneware forms finished with an oxide surface

Simplified, the human head is made up of three basic forms: spherical, triangular and cylindrical. Before we build we study the proportions of the human head by analyzing and making drawings exploring the relationships between structure, features and simplified forms. There will be detailed instruction on how to sculpt the expressive features of the face, how to make an, eye, a nose, mouth and ears. Taking time to identify the character and expressive qualities that we would like to express, we start the building process. Not only will you be able to create an expressive sculpted head in clay, you can add whimsical or surreal features to your creation, a butterfly, an extra eye etc. Your imagination is your limit.
Students must be ready to have fun, willing to get messy, open to exploring new ideas and ways to use materials. Previous experience with clay is helpful but not absolutely necessary.

Course Goals Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

• Goal 1 Build strong forms in clay
• Goal 2 Understand how to sculpt using the anatomy of the human head
• Goal 3 Learn how to sculpt expressive human features
• Goal 4 Use oxide to transform the clay surface
• Goal 5 Translate their imaginative ideas into sculpted form
• Goal 6 Take risks with confidence

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