About Us

Vision, Mission and Values


A community that embraces the arts as a fundamental tool to enhance learning.


To lead Colorado in cultivating and sustaining the arts as essential to all learning through creative experiences for students and teachers.


  • Collaboration: Think 360 Arts promotes collaboration among artists, educators, communities, and other organizations.
  • Equity and Access: Think 360 Arts provides equal opportunities to engage in the arts.
  • Diversity: Think 360 Arts embodies diversity through our audience, artists, educators, programming, organization, board, and learning styles.
  • Creativity: Think 360 Arts sparks inspiration, creativity, imagination, and expression.
  • Quality: Think 360 Arts infuses quality into every aspect of our service.
  • Fun: Think 360 Arts embraces the joy in learning.
Mayors Award

Our Goals

  • Nurture creativity and encourage children in life-long arts involvement.
  • Provide opportunities for authentic arts experiences with professional artists.
  • Help students of all learning styles feel a sense of achievement in learning, social and character development, and self-awareness.
  • Aid teachers in developing imaginative and alternative ways of teaching.
  • Encourage a school’s deepening commitment to the arts as a key component of the teaching and learning environment.

Community Report

Download or view our 2020 Community Report, which highlights our impact numbers and expresses the nature of our work.


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