ICT Scholarship Application

2017 Institute Scholarship Application

  • (xxx) xxx-xxxx In case we have a problem with your registration
  • Have you ever attended another Think 360 Arts professional development class?
  • If yes, did you receive a scholarship from Think 360 Arts for any of those classes?
  • At what school do you work? Please include school name, district, and county. What subject and grade level(s) do you teach? If you are not currently teaching, please describe your role in the school.
  • Has your school ever engaged Think 360 Arts for a school performance, workshop or artist residency? If yes, please specify:
  • Please attach a statement of 300 words or less describing why you qualify for this scholarship. Please identify other professional development that you have received on your own or at your school, particularly in the area of arts or arts integration. Please indicate how you think the Institute for Creative Teaching will affect your work in the classroom or school setting.