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Kate Lutz

Kate Lutz and Deer artist-photoKate teaches at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and co-hosts a monthly Story Circle at Swallow Hill. She’s published articles and stories, and produced a CD, Road Rule. Kate Lutz speaks the universal language of stories. Her unique blend of personal, traditional and historical stories pulls in the audience as the tale unfolds. Kate’s stories are comfort food for the heart and laughter for the soul.

Educational Performance:

Single Performance: $285
Double Performance: $425

Mountain Lore

Critters, rocks and rivers! Kate Lutz captures the attention of both students and teachers with her high-energy educational programs that bring the mountains indoors. Kate teaches through animal, historical and geographical stories that engage students through laughter and participation. Students learn to enjoy, respect and treasure the mountains dominating our western landscape. This program meets the Colorado Model Content Standards for Science and Geography and can include animal skins provided by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Grade Levels: K-8

Shackleton, the Antarctic Explorer

“Abandon ship!” ordered Ernest Shackleton as the ship The Endurance was crushed by the frozen sea. Hear a timeless survival tale as 28 men struggled against enormous challenges: 350 ice-packed miles, a treacherous ocean crossing in a leaky rowboat, and a never traversed mountain range studded with icy glaciers. How did they survive the impossible and live to write about it? Find out!

Grade Levels: 4-12

Fire and Ice

The earth erupts and spews forth lava. Lightning strikes. A forest is ablaze. Ice creeps down a mountainside, freezing and crushing everything. The sea churns, rumbling with icebergs. What are the forces that cause these events? Can they be stopped? The fascinating power of fire and ice is explored through exciting stories. Learn the ancient wisdom of the world.

Grade Levels: 4-12


Exploring the Mountains Through Story

Students will take an in-depth look at the mingling of fact and fiction in understanding the mountains. They will hear stories about nature and then discuss related scientific principles. This interactive workshop encourages students to look imaginatively at the world around them. Scientific curiosity will be stimulated as students explore ways they might explain natural phenomena.

Grade Levels: K-8
Single Workshop: $170
Two Workshops: $270
Three or More Workshops: $150/ Workshops
Note: This workshop is also available as a Teacher’s Training – focusing on stories that bring the physical sciences to life for all grade levels.