WyattLand: An Elementary Music Fesival

Art Discipline: Multi-Disciplinary

WyattLand comes to Wyatt Academy by way of its Performing Arts director, Brandon Joseph. A concept he developed after wanting to engage his scholars in more contemporary music as well as cultural celebration and recognition. The concept is immersive theatre based with scheduling and design like that of a music festival; think Coachella & Burning Man meets Kindergarten-5th grade. 

This project objective was to subject scholars in different engaginh art installations and performances which included: a chalk art installation by The Chalk Ratz, a Spanish-American performance by The Colorado Chamber Players, Poetry in Motion by Peter Davison, relatable life experiences by Molina Speaks, puppeteering by Betsy Tobin, sing alongs with Pam Faro, Live Ice Sculptures by Ian, Blue Trees art installation by Konstantino Dimopoulos, and edible art by Sweet Cow Ice Cream who kindle donated their proceeds to the Performing Arts at Wyatt Academy. 

The festival opened with a music video premiere and ended with a POPS concert that, educationally speaking, was student driven, designed, and executed. Scholars were subjected to a character, Empress Mona, played by local star talent, Jessica Roblee, who gave the narrative that WyattLand is a traveling land filled with artists and that it's very nature is to be inclusive of all. The scholars were also charged with creating "tribes" in their classrooms so that they could travel around the festival with ease and yet still feel included in a group  some of the favorites were: The Ninja Unicorns, The Rising Phoenix, The Lollipop Guild, the Constellations, and the UNICELD Kids of Power.

The project was successful in many ways as it transformed Wyatt Academy to an immersive performance playground for scholars of a lower socioeconomic standing to engage with high caliber talent and drive. As well, I t promoted the CDE standards by including performance & aesthetic valuation. 

Project Images