Songs of Social Studies and Science

Art Discipline: Multi-Disciplinary

We worked with the musical-theatre group, The Catamounts, to create and perform three original vignettes related to our science and social studies curriculum.  Our experience allowed for students for students to showcase their knowledge of social studies and science content with their creativity (along with talents in singing and dancing).  Lyrics were written by students around Boulder History, Economics and Bees.  The lyrics, melody and choreography were created by the first and second grade students with the guidance of teachers and The Catamounts' director.  High points included students using tempo, speed and physical levels to help build the original pieces.  Students had to be positive risk-takers and collaborate in order to be successful.  Challenges included finding physical space in the building where students could work together without disrupting other classrooms (due to the nature of the task being rather loud).  Also, differentiation was a challenge for the multiple levels of students in multiage classrooms.  In the end, many students that normally wouldn't shine, in an academic setting, really gained confidence and were able to contribute greatly to the project.  One unique experience involved a student who rarely participates, never is on task, and struggles academically (with focusing challenges).  This student came out of his shell and was completely engaged and happy during the project.  Another unique experience is that this is our fourth year working with The Catamounts program.  Due to this, every student in the building has gone through the program (with the exception of kindergarten).  This year, we invited the entire student body to enjoy the program.  We would rate our experience a 10/10.  Five stars!  Two thumbs up!  Other schools could definitely replicate what we have done!  They could work with a program like The Catamounts, or a Music Program.  The standards we hit included science (habitats) and social studies (economics and history).  Also, students met speaking and listening, writing, and reading standards.  Even more so, many music standards were met.  Overall, our experience with The Catamounts program was top notch and we are grateful for the funds that supported this opportunity for our students.  A partial video of the final performances can be viewed at:

Project Images