The Beat of Communicating

Art Discipline: Music

The Beat of Communicating project at Normandy Elementary School in Jefferson County  focused on drumming as a form of communication. Verbal, visual and written communications are portioned within our students’ school day; The Beat of Communicating integrated the language of rhythm and beat through drumming into the cache of our students’ communication modes.

The Beat of Communicating  happened in three school visits with the artist Bob Hall ; with seven each workshops the students’ built rapport and community with the talented drummer Bob Hall ; students from Kindergarten -6th grade worked with Bob Hall to learn drumming patterns and at times create their own beat, rhythm and communication. 

We observed firsthand how students over the three visits with Bob during The Beat of Communicating were influenced through drumming and how drums 'talk' and 'listen' to one another. This did create a bridge within which all students were challenged and inspired to ‘speak and listen’ to the language of one another.

Our experience with Bob Hall was excellent. We asked him to work with an entire grade level because we wanted the students to interact with classmates from a variety of homerooms. This was a huge 'ask' and Bob delivered with aplomb while he built meaningful connections with the students. 

The Prepared Graduate Compentencies our project  met were: 
Music: Employ musical skills through a variety of means, including singing, playing instruments, and purposeful movement
Theater:Create drama and theatre by interpreting and appreciating theatrical works, culture, and experience through scenes and scenarios, improvisation, creating environments, purposeful movement, and research
Visual Arts: Analyze, interpret, and make meaning of art and design critically using oral and written discourse

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