Jacob Mora

As Artistic Director of Moraporvida Contemporary Dance Jacob fuses both cultural and contemporary movements and music styles, ever expanding his continued exploration of relationships and the human experience. Jacob is an international performer, teacher and artist. He has been seen dancing with the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, Hannah Kahn Dance, and Santee Smith Group. Existing as a fiercely passionate educator and promoter of dance culture, Jacob unites different genres of movement, both traditional and progressive to bring together peoples of different cultural and socioeconomic groups to embrace the art and joy of dance. As an emcee and musician Jacob’s reach is similarly diverse. He produces, creates and performs with multiple bands across the genres of Hip Hop, Electronic and avant-garde styles of music.

Jacob teaches nationally and internationally conducting workshops and residencies on Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop and Conditioning the Spirit. He has been on faculty with the University of Wyoming, UNLV the New York Institute of Dance, as well as guest artist and teacher for many other schools, festivals and institutions.

Jacob Mora is available for full or part-time residencies.


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Explore: Dance, Performing Arts, Choreography, Classical, Hip-hop, Improvisation, Jazz, Latino, Native Americans


Individual workshop and performance prices are determined by each artist. Please contact us for performance and workshop pricing for a particular artist. Visit our Pricing page for other pricing information.

  • Improvisation/Composition

    Workshop or Residency for grades 3rd through 12th

    Improvisation is the spontaneous act of movement as the result of given stimulus. Improvisation can be a tool to help choreograph dances, or explore ideas. These classes encourage problem-solving, creativity and use games and formulas for inspired on-the-spot moving.

  • Hip Hop (Urban Elements)

    Workshop or Residency for grades 3rd through 12th

    Urban element classes are a mix of historical and evolving street steps, trends and culture. These classes use Old School, New School and popular techniques and styles: Hip Hop, R&B, Popping, B-Boy, Locking, Pop, House, Footwork.

    Classes are developed from evaluation of sound, rhythm, energy and emotion. Through dissection, repetition and combinations these classes will fuse, blend, isolate and evolve techniques.

  • Contemporary Styles

    Workshop or Residency for grades 3rd through 12th

    Contemporary classes isolate specific principles utilizing classical and contemporary techniques within modern jazz and folkloric as well as popular styles and trends and fuses them, focusing on the blend of technique.

  • Jacob Mora Performance

    Performance for grades K through 12th

    Performances can be tailored for each organization. Performances consist in the sharing of current Repertory, the choreographic process and the ability to see dance through different perspectives.