Hellen Eberhardie Dunn

Hellen is an international artist and graduated with a Master’s in Fine Arts from The Royal College of Art, London. She is a practicing sculptor, painter, and performance artist. In addition to her professional career, Hellen has been teaching grades K-8 at a charter school for gifted and talented students for eight years. Her experience expands beyond grade school — she has also worked with college-aged students for several years. Hellen’s passion for art is accompanied with curriculum writing and creating arts integration lessons that are applicable across the core subjects. She is creative and flexible and enjoys the challenge of exploring different ways to meet students at their level. Mentoring students and igniting their motivation and creative process has been her focus since she began her artistic journey.


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Hellen Eberhardie Dunn is available for full or part-time residencies.

Hellen Eberhardie Dunn is available for professional development.


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Explore: Visual Arts, Ceramics, Installations, Mixed Media, Nature, Painting


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  • Crazy Heads

    for grades 2nd through 6th

    Crazy Heads is a 3D examination of the atomy and proportion of the head– fun with clay! This workshop introduces anatomy and form while integrating with Science.
    2 workshops

  • Clay Creatures/ Mud Monsters

    for grades 3rd through 8th

    Using clay building techniques such as coil and sculptural addition, students start with a vessel and transform it into something alive! Requires a kiln.
    3 workshops

  • Power Animal Masks

    for grades 2nd through 12th

    Students choose an animal whose characteristics they would like to have. Students will explore texture and form as they create a clay mask with 3D horns, teeth, and more! This curriculum integrates with Language Arts. Requires a kiln.
    3 workshops

  • Monster Mache

    for grades 2nd through 12th

    Let your creativity go wild in 3D – color and form!
    Using newspaper to make basic forms – students create a creature or masks that can be painted and embellished. This curriculum integrates with Language and Performing Arts.
    4-5 workshops

  • Shadow Scroll

    for grades 6th through 12th

    Shadow Scroll is an abstract, mixed media project that uses performance art as a means to self-expression. Students work together to make ‘shadows’ of their body shapes by lying on black paper and cutting out the life sized shapes. Splatter painting and two handed scribbling create texture and more layers. A giant scroll is created with students ‘coming alive’ out of the art. This curriculum integrates with Language Arts.
    4-5 workshops

  • Walkabout Rocks

    for grades 1st through 4th

    River rocks become culture map stories – Aboriginal style!
    This curriculum integrates with Language Arts.
    2-3 workshops

  • Expressive Calligraphy

    for grades 5th through 12th

    Explore the beauty and movement of brushwork through Sumi-e Japanese ink on paper in a large scale installation. This curriculum is cross-cultural.
    4-5 workshops

  • Totem Pendants in Soapstone

    for grades 5th through 12th

    Students can create their own stone totems by carving their creations out of soapstone – smooth polish and wear! This curriculum is cross-cultural.
    3-5 workshops

  • Direct Stone Carving – stone carving by hand

    for grades 6th through 12th

    Discover the form within the rock students will carve limestone with hand tools. The process starts with students with cutting into clay blocks to explore reduction techniques and progress to stone. This curriculum integrates with History.
    8-10 workshops

  • Community Portraits

    for grades Pre-K through 12th

    Students explore who and/or what is most important in their life and create an image which expresses their feelings through a study in proportion and character. This curriculum integrates with Language Arts.
    4 workshops

  • Fantastic Portraits! Decimal Dali, Plotting Picasso and Fantastic Frida

    Workshop or Residency for grades 5th through 12th

    Create a giant scale portrait of an artist while learning about their life and artistic style. Drawing large scale portraits masters scaling, plotting or graphing with line, while mastering tone and value. This curriculum integrates with Math.
    4 Workshops