Eurekus offers many transdisciplinary programs to inspire learner-guided inquiry for students and educators alike. Their popular K-12 classes, museum programs, college workshops and adult learning sessions integrate the arts and humanities with rigorous STEM investigation. Their innovative PD workshops emphasizing STEAM and Maker-based education practice paired with hands-on training for their acclaimed NASA and Eurekus curriculum and projects.   Monica and Tyler were US2020 STEM Mentoring Awards Finalist of 2015.

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Explore: Digital Arts, Professional Development, STEAM, Visual Arts, Engineering, Math, Mixed Media, Nature, STEAM, STEM, Science, Space


Individual workshop and performance prices are determined by each artist. Please contact us for performance and workshop pricing for a particular artist. Visit our Pricing page for other pricing information.

  • STEAMology Professional Development

    for grades Pre-K through 12th

    Formal and informal educators explore STEAM and the Maker Movement hands-on. The Aiellos share best practices, case studies and model practical implementation of arts-integrated and Maker-based STEM instruction. Participants gain valuable teaching tools while training on selected NASA and/or Eurekus activities to take back to their creative communities.

  • Simply Machines

    for grades 2nd through 5th

    Topics: Engineering, Design Thinking, Classical Mechanics, History, Video Production, Literacy, Team Building
    Build “engineering literacy” through a scaffolded series of exciting Maker-based projects and collaborative experiences. Students investigate simple machines through kinetic sculpture and progress to the design of more complex contraptions and group projects.
    Projects include: Blow & Go Racers, Wind Racers, Pin Wheels, Lever Thumb Puppets, Pulley Puppets, Inclined Plane Maze, Automata Theater Box, Simply Machines Game Show, Simply Machines Video Project.

  • NASA’S Art & The Cosmic Connection

    for grades K through 12th

    Topics: Space Science, Earth Science, Elements of Art
    Developed by Eurekus for NASA’s Discovery & New Frontiers Programs. Learners investigate planetary science using visual art concepts while exploring our solar system through mixed-media works. Students learn to “read” the geologic stories of planetary surfaces and investigate issues on Earth through the creations of pastels, collage, painting or ceramic tiles.
    Available Editions: Solar System, Mars, Dynamic Earth, Geometry and Water Issues


    for grades 3rd through 12th

    Topics: Engineering, Design Thinking, Space Exploration, Emerging Technology Extensions
    New NASA Maker program! Explore exciting new NASA missions while establishing critical engineering and design-thinking foundations – scalable with emerging technology integration. Learners build “engineering literacy” and prototyping skills ideal for Maker spaces.
    Projects include: Simple Machines Shoebox Rover, OSIRIS RE-x Model (Motorized Mobile Extension), InSight Lander Model (Emerging Technology Extension).

  • Space Art Adventures

    for grades 2nd through 12th

    Topics: Space Science, Archeoastronomy, Engineering, Geology, History
    An extensive curriculum package uniting many popular Eurekus NASA and STEAM programs. Learners engage in an immersive investigation of our cosmos in terms of history, science and exploration.
    Projects include: NASA’s Art & the Cosmic Connection, Desktop Solar System, Pocket Sun Dials, Cosmic Constellations, Cosmic Chemistry Ornaments, Exoplanet Collages, Alien Landscapes, Scale of the Solar System Scrolls, Super Solar System, Mini Missions, Systems Mobiles, Junk Robots, Pneumatic Rockets, Lever Launchers, Stomp Rockets, Astronaut Puppets, NASA’s MISSIONMakers.

  • Shape & Space

    for grades K through 5th

    Topics: Archeoastronomy, Space Science, Geology, Engineering, Geometry
    Unites space science and engineering inquiry with elementary math standards. Learners investigate geometry as seen in space, on Earth and in the design of robotic explorers.
    Topics: Art & The Cosmic Connection: Geometry Edition, Shapes & Space Scavenger Hunt, Exoplanet Collages, Cosmic Constellations, 3D Space Machines.

  • Electric City

    for grades 3rd through 12th

    Topics: Electricity, Engineering, Technology, Geometry
    Charge imaginations during this popular tinker and Maker program exploring electricity, engineering and emerging technology. Learners craft a variety of circuits in designing electrified creations.
    Topics: Bug Bots, Polyhedra Nighlights, Telegraphs, Cuddly Bots, Motorized Mobiles, InSight Tech Lander.

  • Energy Systems Mobiles

    for grades 4th through 12th

    Topics: Energy, Engineering, Statistics, Tech Extension, Math
    Teams investigate global energy topics through kinetic sculpture. Learners analyze economic energy data and synthesize their knowledge through the creation of collaborative mobiles. Can be motorized with tech extension.

  • EARTHistory Project

    for grades 2nd through 6th

    Topics: Planetology, Geology, Geography, Biodiversity, History, Anthropocene
    Investigate deep time to foster planetary awareness and encourage critical thinking. Leaners explore our planet’s unique story – from the birth of our solar system to modern times – while contemplating global issues and the history of dynamic change on Earth.
    Projects: EARTHistory Timeline, EARTHistory Accordion Books, Anthropocene Collages, Sedimentary Layer Paperweights, EARTHistory Video Project

  • Colorado River Stories

    for grades 2nd through 6th

    Topics: Water Issues, Engineering, Geology, Geography, Ecology, Digital Storytelling, Team Building
    Investigate and celebrate the West’s most precious resource during this collaborative program. Learners explore the Colorado River from a scientific, engineering and societal perspective while making individual artworks that are united in an exciting digital format.

  • Freaky Fabulous Frogs

    for grades 2nd through 5th

    Topics: Biology, Ecology, Literacy, Team Building
    Explore the wild world of frogs – from biodiversity to environmental changes impacting this curious amphibian. Learners build knowledge through individual projects and synthesize their learning through a collaborative stop-motion animation.
    Projects: Froggy Thumb Puppets, Life Cycle Accordion Books, Habitat Tops, Slime, Freaky Fabulous Frog Video Project

  • Artful Earth: Place & Painting

    Workshop or Residency for grades 6th through 12th

    Topics: Geology, Geography, Abstraction, Mixed Media Painting, Literacy
    Emphasize process, research, literacy and studio practice during this STEM-integrated painting workshop. Learners explore their home world from the vantage point of space and re-imagine landscape painting through abstraction. While addressing their concept of “place”, students analyze remote sensing images, experiment with acrylic mixed-media technique and communicate about their artistic practice.